Make DM Studios your
Podcasting Home

Professional and dedicated spaces available for hire for producing high-quality content.
Our studios are designed from the ground up based on all our years of
experience creating podcasts, tv and film and are available for hire.


Sydney - Vodcast Studio

If you want to produce high-quality audio and video podcasts, our Premium Studio is the perfect choice. You can enjoy a large and soundproof space, where you can set up your own visual scene and record from different angles. You can also stream live and host conferences with ease.

Sydney - Podcast Studio

Whether you need a full-service podcast production or just a studio rental, we have you covered. This studio is flexible, comfortable and professional, designed to help you create the best content possible. You can choose from different recording configurations, set ups and looks to suit your podcast style. Our production team can handle everything from pre-production to post-production, or you can bring your own equipment and crew. Whatever your podcast needs, we have a solution for you.

Melbourne - Podcast Studio

If you are looking for a podcast studio in Melbourne, look no further than ours. We have designed this studio to suit any recording needs, from solo to group podcasts, from casual to formal settings. Our studio is cozy and inviting, so you can feel at ease and focus on delivering your message. Whether you need our production team to handle everything for you, or you want to rent the studio and do it yourself, we have the solution for you. Our studio is the perfect place to create high-quality content for your podcast.


Let's Work Together

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Our aim is to work with top Australian talent and partner with brands to create a unique and interesting selection of podcasts for your listening enjoyment.

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Sydney Studio

129 Cathedral St
NSW, 2011

Melbourne Studio

144 Langford St
North Melbourne,
VIC 3051


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